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Jodi's going to talk to us about camouflage and how things can be hidden without us knowing, and some ways to discover things we don't even know exist. We are going to talk about some obstacles and challenges, and how to follow through.

Reflection and Discovery

In this episode Bill is going to talk about reflecting back on his journey of discovery, what held him back and how he grew to become who he is today. He's going to talk about some of the tools and processes he is using to create a whole new future.

Discovering IT - Your Invisible Power

In this episode of Discover IT Jodi delivers a great message on the topic of discovering IT, a philosophy at the center of Paul Massengill's teachings. Doing so will allow you to discover invisible powers you never knew you had so tune in now and see for yourself!

The Power Of An Open Mind

This week we will be discussing the power of an open mind and how to harness curiosity as an effective vehicle for discovery. Ray shares his experience as a mentee with Paul Massengill and how curiosity and an open mind was an integral key in his growth and success throughout this process. Listen in as Jodi and Bill share some of their insights into this interesting topic as well and enjoy a great episode of Discover IT!

Understanding the Victim Mentality

With the help of a special guest, Paul, Jodi & Bill tap into the subject of victim mentality. In this episode, they will talk about becoming more aware of the victim mentality, the effects it has on your quality of life, and ways to overcome it. Listen now.

The Trick to Owning Your Own Mind

Jodi leads the discussion this week and the topic is owning your own mind. There is at all times forces begging for your attention and energy, the key is taking back ownership of your mind. Listen as Jodi walks you through the process and things to consider when confronting IT in the attempt to regain control of your mind.

8 Things to Stop Seeking Acceptance

This week Bill delivers a great message on 8 things to stop in order to conquer the seeking acceptance trap. Afterwards Jodi and Ray shares how seeking acceptance has applied to their own lives and experience and how they work to overcome it.


In this episode we talk about the infamous emotion resentment. Ray, Jodi and Bill discuss how it keeps us paralyzed and prevents us from moving forward with our lives, as well as points of view to consider for overcoming it's death grip restricting our growth.

Reactive Attachment Disorder

In this episode of Discover IT, Jodi talks about reactive attachment disorder and how it can affect our lives as a result of childhood experiences and trauma. We are going to discuss a strategy Paul uses 1) Confront 2) Identify & 3) Be Proactive that you can start using today to increase awareness of, target, and begin undoing negative conditioning that may be holding you back from real change.

10 Things to Let Go When Making Significant Change

Listen in as Bill opens up about a recent breakup and explains 10 things that you should consider leaving behind if you wish to make a significant change in your life.


A short testimony and welcoming introduction to the Discover IT podcast from one of the hosts, Raynard Randolph.

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