Hi, I’m Raynard Randolph, one of your hosts here at Discover IT and I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the Discover IT podcast, by Paul Massengill. Paul has been an amazing mentor of mine for over 7 years now and I am a living example that his strategies and approach, work. I’m not looking for sympathy when I say that I had a rough childhood, but my circumstances did not set me up for success. Nevertheless I managed to go from having a criminal record, no job, no savings, unhealthy relationships, and instability to six figure income, an impressive investment portfolio, my dream car and home, and restored relationships and stability. I attribute the majority of my success to having a skilled mentor in my corner to act as a voice of reason in my times of need. We can really be our own worse enemy at times and this is exactly what Paul is referring to when you hear the term IT. IT is an acronym Paul created to represent internal thoughts, more specifically targeting the negative self talk and conditioning that tend to undermine and work against our best attempts at progress. This is why I am truly excited and honored to help deliver some of his concepts to a platform where they can be of service to many more people, each and everyday. So if you’re as excited as I am, go ahead and subscribe via the link at the top right of the page using your favorite podcast listening service so that you will be in the loop as we release more and more great material into the future. Again I’m Raynard Randolph, this is the Discover IT podcast by Paul Massengill, we’ere happy you stopped by and look forward to growing with you!
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