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Learning to Learn

This week we discuss an important topic and that is how sometimes we need to learn an effective process for learning. Sometimes we even need to address our relationshi...

Complex Trauma: Coping Mechanisms

This week we expanded on our series about complex trauma with an episode about coping mechanisms.

Self Control and Self Discipline

This week we talk about one of the most important components to living a life of self discovery and purpose and that is self control and self discipline. Without this ...


The good the bad the ugly and how to change it when it comes to ego.

Identifying Shame in Complex Trauma

This week we cover how to identify the shame that is often a symptom of complex trauma.

Complex Trauma: False Guilt

This week we talk about the false guilt that is just one of many symptoms of complex trauma.

Identifying Complex Trauma

In this episode we talk about identifying complex trauma. 

Self Sabotage

This week we have a new speaker that talks about self sabotage and the 5 ways to change your behavior.

Power of Persistence

This week we gave a presentation on the power of persistence in your life


This week Jodi gives a great presentation on the fascinating world of memory and its effect on how we perceive the world and ourselves.

Committing to Forever

Do you work only in order to finish or do you strive to enjoy the process? In this episode we cover a very important topic challenging you look at how you view forever...

Fear of Failure - Pt. 2 (Continued)

We have talked quite a bit about the fear of failure and decided to elaborate a little more on this common challenge to progress and success. In this episode we contin...

You Are NOT Who You THINK You Are

Have you ever stopped and wondered that maybe who you think and perceive yourself to be simply isn't true? If that may be you or even if the thought has never crossed ...

The Power of Faith and Church

This week we discuss the power and of faith and church beyond just the religious aspects.

Anything is Possible

Jodi delivers a presentation proposing the idea that anything is possible. We live in a world where possibilities are limited only by our belief systems. Listen to thi...

Substance Abuse pt. 2 (Mental Conditions)

In this episode we going into the mental conditions lurking in the shadows of substance abuse

Substance Abuse

This episode comes packed with facts and statistics painting a detailed picture of just how grim and destructive substance abuse is to individuals, families and societ...

Self Love

This week Paul delivers a powerful presentation on self-love with 20 specific steps that you can start today to increase it. Ray then shares a special tip that he rece...

Duplicating Our Past - Pt. 2

Jodi gives a presentation on duplicating our past. Should we strive to repeat our past or take action to set our destiny off in a new direction? The choice is yours bu...

Fear of Failure - Pt. 2

Upon request, here is the follow up to one of our most popular episodes on the fear of failure. In this episode we go even further into depth about this common fear. T...

Let's Talk About IT - Pt. 2

In this episode we expanded on a previous episode where we talk about the concept of IT. Feel free to share your thoughts and if there are any other episodes that you ...

Resistance to Change - Pt. 2

This week we expand on an episode that we published November 22, 2020 on resistance to change. Feel free to go back and refresh your memory or check it out for the fir...


Listen as I ask Paul some insightful questions and take a peek under the hood of the Discover IT philosophy. His answers will help to shed a bright light on his teachi...


This week Paul delivers an episode on choices, tune in.

Don't Dwell On The Past

The past is the past and often times it is best that we recognize that fact and leave the past where it is instead of bringing it along with us into the present and co...

Prefrontal Cortex

In this episode we dive into the what's at the forefront of our minds pilot house, both literally and figuratively. Tune in to learn all about the prefrontal cortex an...

People Pleasing

Many having dealt with or have themselves identified with characteristics of people pleasing. Well this week we talk all about it and what it may mean as it applies to...

Locust of Control

Tune in to this weeks episode on an interesting concept called the locust of control delivered by Jodi. This is a area that speaks to what is within our control and wh...

Embracing Change

In this weeks episode we talk all about the importance and the POWER of embracing change, tune in and feel free to check out DISCOVER IT on Facebook and let us know wh...

What "IT" Is And Where "IT" Comes From

In this episode, we talk more about where our "IT" comes from, and what "IT" is.

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