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Visualization Challenge

In this episode, we challenge you to join us in an eleven-week Visualization Challenge. We explain how to do it, and give some examples of how it works. We look forwar...


In this episode, we talk about the possibility of choices and recognizing they exist. Once we realize we have so many choices, we can decide to have a totally new life.

Overcoming Self-pity

In this episode, we talk about techniques to overcome self-pity. We discuss some of the downfalls when we wallow in our negative circumstances and the benefits of mast...

Letting Go

In this episode, we talk about letting go. We discuss letting go of thoughts and habits that are holding us back. By using the Discover IT Method, you can learn to Ide...

Identify, Confront, & Be Proactive

This week we are talking about Paul's method of identifying, confronting, and being proactive. This is a powerful method that can have profound ripple effects in your ...

The Philosophy of IT

I this weeks episode Paul goes into detail about his philosophy of IT and what it means.

Don't Know That You Don't Know

This week we're explaining just what it means to not know that you don't know something, to be unaware and the dangers that come with that. We also talk about what you...

Finding Happiness

This week we talk about finding happiness and the difference between happiness and joy, tune in.


In this episode, we talk about open-mindedness. We list some of the characteristics of an open-minded person and some techniques to be more open to new ideas. We learn...

Priorities and Follow Through

In this episode, we talk about how to set priorities and follow through on our goals.

Controlling Your Emotions

In this episode, we talk about where our emotions come from, and how our mind responds and causes us to react. We discuss how the "Discover "IT" Method" can be used to...

Becoming Your Own Best Friend

Sharing a perspective where instead of being your own worst enemy, you become your own best friend.

Self-Destructive Behavior

In this episode, we talk about destructive behaviors and depression. We discuss some uncommon methods that are becoming more popular, and how to integrate the Discover...

How "IT" Controls Us

In this episode, we discuss some ways we are being controlled by our Internal Thoughts or "IT". We talk about how our past programmed conditioning can sometimes take o...


In this episode, we talk about antisocial disorders and traits. We learn some examples and hear some experiences from others.

Live Life

In this episode, we talk about living your best life and how to do the things you always wanted to do. We learn how to use the Discover "IT" Method to break out of the...

Emotional Abuse

In this episode, we talk about emotional abuse and how it ties into our "IT". We discuss some of the ways it can affect us and the people around us. We learn how socie...

Emotional Intelligence

This week we talk about the power of emotional intelligence, about our experience with it, and how we have developed more of it throughout our journey of self discovery.

Don't Talk About it, Be About it

This week Courtni talks about the power of following through and doing rather than talking about what you're going to do


In this episode, we talk about procrastination and some tips and tricks to break the habit. We talk about some of the things that cause distractions and keep us from a...

Infinite Possibility

In this episode, we talk about how to open up to infinite possibilities, and how to break through our limiting beliefs. We also have some great testimonies showing the...

Creating New Habits

In this episode, we talk about five ways to make creating new habits easier.

Neuro-associative Conditioning

This week we cover the topic of neuro-associative conditioning and discuss what it is and some techniques for applying it in your life.

Journey of Self Discovery (Ray's Update)

Always great to come back from the future with a progress update of how the journey of self discovery has been treating me! This is Ray and this week I give an update ...

The Missing Link

In this episode, we talk about "The Missing Link" that is key to the journey of self-discovery. We also talk about the saying "Whatever the mind can conceive and belie...

Conversation About the Journey of Self Discovery

This week we have an in depth conversation about the journey of self discovery, tune in.

Secrets to Change

In this episode, we talk about some of the secrets to really making a change in your life, achieve your goals, and live your dreams.

Evaluating "IT"

In this episode, we talk about some different ways to evaluate our "IT". We talk about the "Discover 'IT' Method" and ways to identify our "IT" based on all the past p...

Paralyzed by "IT"

Ever felt stuck? Ever dealt with a loved one who seems to be stuck and unable to change their ways? This is one of the many ways IT can prevent you from growing and re...

Habits and "IT"

This week we talk about how habits are formed from our past conditions and what IT might do to hinder you from creating new ones.

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