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Don't Talk About it, Be About it

This week Courtni talks about the power of following through and doing rather than talking about what you're going to do


In this episode, we talk about procrastination and some tips and tricks to break the habit. We talk about some of the things that cause distractions and keep us from achieving our goals, and some techniques to avoid them.

Infinite Possibility

In this episode, we talk about how to open up to infinite possibilities, and how to break through our limiting beliefs. We also have some great testimonies showing the power of the Discover "IT" Method.

Creating New Habits

In this episode, we talk about five ways to make creating new habits easier.

Neuro-associative Conditioning

This week we cover the topic of neuro-associative conditioning and discuss what it is and some techniques for applying it in your life.

Journey of Self Discovery (Ray's Update)

Always great to come back from the future with a progress update of how the journey of self discovery has been treating me! This is Ray and this week I give an update on my progress with this program and on the journey of self discovery. You can always go back to earlier episodes and see how far I've come. If I can make it this far so can you.

The Missing Link

In this episode, we talk about "The Missing Link" that is key to the journey of self-discovery. We also talk about the saying "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve".

Conversation About the Journey of Self Discovery

This week we have an in depth conversation about the journey of self discovery, tune in.

Secrets to Change

In this episode, we talk about some of the secrets to really making a change in your life, achieve your goals, and live your dreams.

Evaluating "IT"

In this episode, we talk about some different ways to evaluate our "IT". We talk about the "Discover 'IT' Method" and ways to identify our "IT" based on all the past programmed conditioning. We evaluate the labels we are attached to. We then learn to be proactive and take ownership to become the best version of ourselves.

Paralyzed by IT

Ever felt stuck? Ever dealt with a loved one who seems to be stuck and unable to change their ways? This is one of the many ways IT can prevent you from growing and reaching your potential. Listen to this weeks episode about how one can become paralyzed by IT.

Habits and IT

This week we talk about how habits are formed from our past conditions and what IT might do to hinder you from creating new ones.

Consistency and Self Confidence

In this episode we talk about how consistency relates to and affects self-confidence.

Attachment Theory

In this episode, we talk about different attachment styles that we develop in early childhood, from our parents or caretakers. We talk about some examples where these attachment styles carry over into our relationships with other people.

What is "IT"

In this episode, we talk about "IT" and where it comes from. We discuss how we resist change until we recognize "IT" and take action.


In this episode, we talk about self-reliance and how important it is to achieve your best self. We discuss some points from Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay on self-reliance, and how to learn to think for ourselves.

Keep Moving Forward

In this episode, we talk about how to keep moving forward towards our full potential, on this journey of self-discovery. We briefly talk about some of the following podcasts we have done in the past, that hold some key information to keep moving forward. 1-Taking Responsibility 2-Self Esteem 3-How to set goals 4-Why is it so hard to change 5-Resistance to change 6-Fear of failure 7-Overcoming Obstacles 8-Overcoming Challenges 9-Roadblocks to "IT" 10-Becoming proactive

Self Love

In this episode, we talk about self-love and how it is important in overcoming the negative past program conditioning. We will only allow the things in our lives that we think we deserve. By using the Discover "IT" Method we can learn to recognize these patterns and change them.

Coping With Loss

This week we talk about loss and share some tips for coping with loss.

Before and After the Discover "IT" Method

This week we share some experience with the Discover "IT" Method by going into before and after entering into a journey of self discovery.

Reluctance to the Journey of Self Discovery

This week we discuss some of the pitfalls that cause us to have a reluctance towards beginning or continuing on a journey of self discovery.

Benefits of The Discover "IT" Method

In this episode, we hear about some of the testimonies from using the "Discover 'IT' Method". We discuss how if we don't continue to use this process we lose it. We must be proactive to continue to fight against our "IT" to overcome these challenges and continue to make progress on the journey of self-discovery. For more testimonies go to www.TheLifecoachUniversity.com

Pitfalls of "IT"

In this episode, Amanda talks about the pitfalls of "IT" and being truthful to ourselves and others. Often times our "IT" creates blindspots and we make choices that are not in our best interest. We learn how to Identify our past influences, Confront those conditions, and be Proactive to make better choices.

Jodi's Journey to Discovering "IT"

This week, Jodi highlights several realizations that he's experienced as he progresses through his journey of self discovery.

Taking Responsibility

This week Amanda begins with a beautiful poem about the man in the mirror and then delivers a great presentation on taking responsibility.

Fear of Failure (Part 2)

In the episode, Amanda talks about how fear of failure is connected to procrastination and guilt. She explains how we need to look at ourselves and be accountable for the things within our control. We learn to face our fears that never turn out as bad as we imagine.

Complex Trauma: Part 2 (Progress Update)

This week Ray goes a little deeper into the topic of complex trauma and gives an update on his progress since discovering complex trauma and working to build more self love in his life.

Why is it so hard to change?

This week Jodi covers resistance to change answering the question "Why is it so hard to change?" Tune in the hear the answer.

Dealing with IT

Debbie Hill and others express how they deal with their IT

Self Esteem and IT

Tonight Jodi delivers a break down of what he has learned after studying a great book on self esteem called The Six Pillars of Self Esteem by Nathaniel Branden and how IT challenges peoples self esteem on their journey to self discovery.

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