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Taking Responsibility

This week Amanda begins with a beautiful poem about the man in the mirror and then delivers a great presentation on taking responsibility.

Fear of Failure (Part 2)

In the episode, Amanda talks about how fear of failure is connected to procrastination and guilt. She explains how we need to look at ourselves and be accountable for the things within our control. We learn to face our fears that never turn out as bad as we imagine.

Complex Trauma: Part 2 (Progress Update)

This week Ray goes a little deeper into the topic of complex trauma and gives an update on his progress since discovering complex trauma and working to build more self love in his life.

Why is it so hard to change?

This week Jodi covers resistance to change answering the question "Why is it so hard to change?" Tune in the hear the answer.

Dealing with IT

Debbie Hill and others express how they deal with their IT

Self Esteem and IT

Tonight Jodi delivers a break down of what he has learned after studying a great book on self esteem called The Six Pillars of Self Esteem by Nathaniel Branden and how IT challenges peoples self esteem on their journey to self discovery.

Fear of Failure

Tonight Amanda takes us on a journey through her struggle and discovery of the fear of failure and its effects on her life. Fear of failure paralyzes us from making decisions and taking action. Listen in to hers and others perspectives on this powerful roadblock to success.

Letting Go of IT

This week Emily delivers a beautiful testimony and story about not letting the small things get in the way of the bigger picture. IT loves to take away our focus and get us wrapped up in confusion and distress. This episode is all about letting go of IT.

Complex Trauma

This week we dive into an interesting topic on complex trauma. So many of us who struggle with overcoming challenges, with fighting ourselves, and failing to truly believe in our full potential, to some degree are dealing with areas of trauma from our past. When these or other traumas add up they can create many road blocks within our emotional, mental, and physical states of being. Listen to this episode for an in depth break down of complex trauma and the simple yet very powerful 3 steps needed in order to begin the road to recovery and becoming your best and truest self.

Overcoming the Obstacles to Discovering IT

In this episode Amanda and others share some obstacles that they faced when confronting and discovering IT. Along with the obstacles there are many rewards along the way as discussed further into the episode, tune in to find out.


In this episode Jodi discusses how IT can use misdirection to take us off our path and interfere with our journey to self discovery.

Our Own Worst Enemy

In this weeks episode Debbie shares her experience with dealing with her own worst enemy.

The Anatomy of "IT"

In this episode, we talk about where our "IT" comes from and how it affects our lives. We listen to some testimonies of what we have learned after we discovered "IT". We talk about overcoming these habitual behaviors to start making progress and shift our mindset

The Power of Influence & Suggestion

In this episode Jodi talks about the power of influence and suggestion and its effects ranging from childhood conditioning to your current surroundings and environment.

The Power of Belief

In this episode Ray talks about the power of belief and how experimenting with shifts in mindset can lead to shifts in your reality.

The Real Journey of Self-Discovery

In this episode, we talk more in-depth about the journey of self-discovery, and some of the key parts to the "Discover IT Method". We also define the word "significance" and how it applies in our lives.

Overcoming Challenges

In this episode, we talk about some of the challenges we have overcome using the "Discover "IT" method. We talk about awareness and understanding people around us. We learn how to overcome fear and face these challenges.

Becoming Proactive

In this episode, we talk about the 3rd step "Becoming Proactive". By taking action we can start controlling our life. We talk about commitment, planning our goals, and recognizing roadblocks.

What Our "IT" Does To Us Unwittingly

In this episode, we talk about different ways our "IT" can cause us to react to things without us even knowing it.

How Discovering "IT" Changes our Life

In this episode, we talk about how discovering "IT" can allow us to change our past programmed conditioning. We learn how to create a vision and a dream. We learn how to put in the work, overcome fear, and break out of our comfort zone.

What "IT" is

In this episode, we talk about what "IT" is and where "IT" comes from. We discuss different ways our "IT" affects us, and the reason our "IT" exists in the first place.

Roadblocks to "IT"

In this episode, we talk about some of the roadblocks to "IT". We discuss some of the distractions and ways our "IT" can stop us from even seeing the problem. We talk about some real-life situations, that when applying the "Discover "IT" Method" we can overcome these roadblocks"

Realization of "IT"

In this episode, we talk about some techniques to increase our realization and awareness of our "IT". This increased realization can lead us to make choices to improve our life in a way that is in our best interest.

Overcoming Fear

In this episode, Debbie talks about how fear affects our lives and some big plans she has by overcoming her fear. Ray talks about his greatest fear that he overcame, and Paul talks about fears he has conquered in his life.

How Our "IT" Tricks Us

In this episode, we talk about the different ways our "IT" tricks us into procrastination and self-sabotage. Our "IT" has a sneaky way of convincing us that things are different than they really are. When we fall into this trap, we stop making progress.


In this episode, we talk about some ways to improve our communication with others. We discuss how words can have different meanings because of the experiences. We talk about how we can overcome our attachments to words, our past, and our triggers.

The Triangle of Understanding IT

This week Paul Massengill delivers a powerful presentation on the triangle of understanding IT. Listen as we unpack the concept of cognitive dissonance, psychological scotoma, and discuss the missing link when facing the challenge of discovering IT. This topic is key in unlocking your true potential so tune in and be amazed by the wonders of the mind.

Taking Life For Granted - How "IT" Can Stifle Growth

In this episode we go over one of the greatest tools that IT will use to hinder our growth and progress through life. Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions for good and to take life for granted has the opposite effect. Listen as we dig deeper into how and why IT uses this tool against us as we attempt to gain control and direction of our lives and ourselves.

Overcoming Obstacles

In this episode, Carson shares an obstacle that he recently faced and was able to overcome using principles that he learned in the Discover IT program. Listen in as others chime in and share recent obstacles that they've overcome as well. Life isn't about avoiding challenges, it's all about facing them and overcoming them and utilizing this podcast as a resource is a great way to equip yourself with the tools needed to brave this journey and succeed!

The Secret Within

In this episode, we talk about the secret within and how by discovering this invisible power, we can take control and use it to our advantage. Once we can interrupt our minds thought process, we can learn to take action, and do the opposite. We talk about the 3-Step process to change our habitual behavior.

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